Memphis Co. activities mainly focus on:


  1. Undertake all agency activities for foreign ships in Alexandria and Damietta ports.
  2. Undertake all cargo loading operations on foreign ships for various countries worldwide.
  3. Undertake Maritime Agents activities.
  4. Follow up on internal and external tourism operations as well as booking flying and ship tickets.
  5. Undertaking all customs clearance operations on imported and exported goods as well as cars in customs of Alexandria, Dekheila, Damietta and Red Sea ports in addition to Cairo Airport.
  6. Door to door containers and messages delivery.
  7. Attendance of cargo operations-loading and/ or discharging.
  8. Attendance as charters and / or owners protecting agents.
  9. Attendance of husbandry items {crew change-hotels-medical assistance- cash to master….etc….}