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We are very well introduced with all shipyards, Harbour master offices/ customs in and out port etc….And we can assure that minimum expenses without compromising our reputation for excellence. Our company also deals with all vessels, passenger ships, tankers-heavy lifts-yachts.

  • Liner operators disposal highly qualified and well trained staff to provide efficient port operations, an aggressive and target – conscious marketing activity accurate documentation and reliable accounting
  • 365 days a year and 24 hours a day service is made available by highly qualified personnel reachable through our net of connections.
  • Our company has been providing first class service to our customers.
    We can obtain proper certificates from internationally recognized institutions
    Our procedures call for strict compliance with national and international rules to avoid any unnecessary expense delays.

Therefore we would appreciate if you entrust assuring you that we shall offer you / your vessels our best assistance and do the most to keep the expenses strictly to the minimum.


  • Conducting Hajj and Umrah trips over the past years, with a number of more than 8000 pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims.
  •  Ticketing all Arab companies at special prices.
  •  The transfer of new models, a tourist bus, Mercedes 500/600 MCV 28 passenger Mercedes /Toyota 14 passenger+ limousine service.
  •  Hajj and Umrah at special prices and excellent hotel (special price for Ramadan Umrah)
  •  Touristic offers internal and external
    Turkey (Hurghada-Sharm El-Sheikh-Sokhna-North coast)
    (The village of Sidi Kerir Armed Forces)
    Special rate for groups
    Marines Service(supplement set all ports)
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We kindly present to our customer all the service in the field of Clearance with high level of performance and competitive prices according to our company policy to motet with our customer suspicion in our following activities

  • Clearance for inward & out ward cargo for allover Egyptian ports
  • Clearance for transit cargo and parcel packages inward to Egyptian airports and over Egyptian ports.
  • Clearance for all transit cargo to Egypt dry ports included custom guarantee
  • Transportation activates from and to Alex airport with all over Egypt areas
  • we have a GUARANTEE CUSTOM’S LETTER This letter of bank guarantee can be under our clients service in all EGYPTIAN PORTS / AIRPORTS 24hours 7 days per week.


The company can arrange terminals at Alexandria and ElDekheila ports. The company can receive all kinds of cargo , containers, flats and general cargo. We also have craines to do all operations for all kinds of above cargo.

  • Terminals outside port are available for storing cars or heavy lifts.
  • Packing/ repacking can be arranged smoothly. with distribution at any part of Egypt.
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We guarantee presenting all kind of supplies in due time.

  • Bunker
  • Provision
  • Spare parts
  • Repairs

Not only in due time but with the best competitive price/quality ever offer our great experience in this subject gives our Co. the privilege in that field