•  589 pilgrims have gone on 13 Omra trips during the Hijri year 1430.
  •  Ticketing all Arab companies at special prices.
  •  The transfer of new models, a tourist bus, Mercedes 500/600 MCV 28 passenger Mercedes /Toyota 14 passenger+ limousine service.
  •  Hajj and Umrah at special prices and excellent hotel (special price for Ramadan Umrah)
  •  Touristic offers internal and external
    Turkey (Hurghada-Sharm El-Sheikh-Sokhna-North coast)
    (The village of Sidi Kerir Armed Forces)
    Special rate for groups
    Marines Service(supplement set all ports)
  •  Ferries Cairo and Riyadh prices Umrah
    (Safaga-Yanbu) Individual cars and shipment (Safaga-Dapa)




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