• Memphis Co. activities mainly focus on:
  • Undertake all agency activities for foreign ships in Alexandria and Damietta ports.
  • Undertake all cargo loading operations on foreign ships for various countries worldwide.
  • Undertake Maritime Agents activities.
  • Follow up on internal and external tourism operations as well as booking flying and ship tickets.
  • Undertaking all customs clearance operations on imported and exported goods as well as cars in customs of Alexandria, Dekheila, Damietta and Red Sea ports in addition to Cairo Airport.
  • Door to door containers and messages delivery.
  • Attendance of cargo operations-loading and/ or discharging.
  • Attendance as charters and / or owners protecting agents.
  • Attendance of husbandry items {crew change-hotels-medical assistance- cash to master….etc….}


E-mail: commercial@memphis-eg.com